Season's two approach is remarkably different from that of season one, and has been started as of May 2012. Please see the Writing page for more details.


The teams for this season are  Best of the Best, Blast Hardcheese, Nevermind, Physical Therapy, and Westilldon'thaveanameyet.

Recruitment Stories

Recruitment Story One- Written by Huinesoron, JulyFlame, and Makari

Recruitment Story Two- Written by Caddy-Shack, Doctorlit, Miah, and PoorCynic

Recruitment Story Three- Written by Neshomeh and Phobos

Recruitment Story Four- Written by EllipsisFlood, FlareShard, Miah, Neshomeh, PoorCynic,  and TungstenMonk

Recruitment Story Five- Written by Neshomeh