Players cannot substitute other equipment in during matches; they must use their AHAIRQL regulation bat. A regulation bat is wooden, and may or may not have a foam surface to help against causing worse injuries. Splintered, cracked, or otherwise damaged bats may not be used in new matches.

Players cannot use powers during game play.

Agents that have abilities that cannot be ignored or otherwise not used- such as seeing naturally in the dark, or are potentially fatally strong and have no control over such- cannot play, to limit unfair advantages and unintentional death. This is supposed to be fun, not murderous.




Teams may be inter-departmental or departmental based.

Teams are limited to having six agents on them at the most.

Teams will field an equal number of players; if a team has a lower number of players than the other team, the second team may only put enough players into play to watch the first team.

Teams cannot put substitutes into play after a match has already begun. Substituting in players after a match has started will result in an automatic forfeit of said match after the substitution has been discovered.